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Born in New Hampshire in the N.E. United States. Learned to surf in Florida at the age of 10. Competed as an amateur on the United States Surfing Team at the age of 16. Competed as a professional on the World Qualifying Tour, World Championship Tour and the Japan Pro Surfing Tour. Traveled worldwide extensively as well as all sides of Japan. Has taught surfing instruction in Florida, New Jersey, California , Hawaii and Japan.


ダ ニーの背景: ニュージャージー州に生まれる。10歳の時にフロリダでサーフィンを始める。16歳で米国サーフィンチームに所属して大会に出場。プロとなりWQT、世界 チャンピオンツアー、日本プロサーフィンツアーでの大会で活躍。世界中、日本中を波を追って旅をしている。フロリダ、ニュージャージー、カリフォルニア、 ハワイそして日本で不サーフィンを教えている。

Okinawa Surf instructor school

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Okinawa's only professional Surf Instructor

Okinawa Surf instructor school

A former world tour surfer and Instructor with decades of experience. Danny is not only going to ensure you learn to surf but also keep you safe and smiling.

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What People Are Saying


  • Beautiful adventure!!! Danny has a fantastic set up with access to Super fun waves right in his back yard! The guest house is very welcoming and comfortable for a nice surf get away. Not only is he super down to earth but has a lifetime of surfing experience and and a great wealth of local knowledge to make your stay as fun and exciting as possible! Go check it out you won’t be disappointed!!!

    Brandon Bunn
  • We had an absolutely fantastic day surfing with Danny. He's a really great instructor and took us to the best local spot for some great surfs - the waves were big enough to be cool (haha) but not too big for beginners. We all stood up and rode waves solo by the end of the lesson and we were all beginners! He also brings a water proof camera to take pictures (see attached) which turned out awesome! After the lesson he took us to an incredible local Japanese BBQ spot. It's clear that Danny cares about creating a genuine connection and ensuring that his customers having an awesome time.

    Michelle Khare
  • It’s simple, if you want the best surfing experience then go with the best. Danny is the only guide/teacher I would recommend for anyone who wants to try surfing on Okinawa.

    Adam Lewis